counter flow square model (lcfrt)

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Model LCFRN are Square type Counter flow and suitable appication for HAV, food processing plants, Pulp Factory, Textile Plants, Chemical processing plants, automotive factories etc. The tower casing and water basin have been manufactured from fiberglass reinforced plastic and combine with Hot deep galvanish structure so both gave sufficient strength structural and corrosion resistance, to withstand high wind velocity and vibration.


Our Standard fill are made from PVC , the fills are high performance, heavy duty, low weight, excellent resistance to corrosion. Design with very large contact surface area. These offer a striking balance between maximum heat transfer surface area with minimum restriction to air flow. Thus providing more cooling at lower power consumption of the motor. We are also provide a special fills material(optional) for higher temperature with PP material, where the maximum operation temperature can be up to 80 0C.

These type of cooling tower have include Drift Eliminators, Made from Rigid PVC, are designed to prevent water droplets are carried out of the cooling tower with the exhaust air. The drift eliminator remove the water droplets out of the drift eliminator area and return them back into the tower and does not allow any re-entry. The droplets can be maitain only as low as 0.005%