bottle type cooling tower (ldt)

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LDT is the model Bottle Type Liang Hoo Cooling tower where the casing and water basin are made form fiberglass reinforced plastic which is highly corrosion resistance and give sufficient structural strength to with stand high wind velocity and vibration. Casing is fabricated in segments duly matched at works and aerodynamic contours are achieved for best fan performance The water collection sump, also of FRP, is leak proof & avoids water spillage.



Our honeycombed PVC fills are high performance, heavy duty, low weight, excellent resistance to corrosion. Design with very large contact surface area. These offer a striking balance between maximum heat transfer surface area with minimum restriction to air flow. Thus providing more cooling at lower power consumption of the motor.

Our Sprinkler system made of Nylon 66 for up to size 4" and aluminum alloy for bigger size, thus both material are corrosion proof and design for low pressure to operate .

All motor type supply with Class F and Ip 55 contruction, suitable for heated and humid atmosphere.